MyMotoMarket offers you premium motorcycle gear and motorcycle apparel produced by Stadler, Kriega, Keis et Forcefield.

We are hot-blooded motorcycles riders and travelers and would like to share our passion with you. As an experienced motorcycle rider, you are aware that sometimes external circumstances can seriously spoil your riding pleasure. Heat, cold and rain are realities we all have to face. Protection too should not be underestimated. Therefore we offer you motorcycle gear facing all kind of weather conditions and for cold weather we can provide you heated motorcycle gear.

For us, the only efficient solution to face those conditions is a high level of quality.

For your next motorcycle trip, we have your ideal motorcycle jacket and pant, textile or leather, for ladies and gentlemen, even tailor made if necessary.
to complete your motorcycle jacket and pant we also have the fitting motorcycle gloves and technical layering. If you are planning a longer tour, no problem we can provide you the best motorcycle bags and motorcycle back packs.

High quality does not only offer increased comfort and protection but also protects you from unexpected usury.

We offer you modern motorcycle gear, textile and leather with a very high level of quality, made by renowned brands.

Finally, high quality is not only the most satisfying solution but also by the end the most economic one.

Our brands Stadler, Kriega and Keis are leader on their market and are using only high-tech materials such as Gore-Tex, Cordura, YKK, Hypalon and so on for their products. For these brands high quality is not only a sales argument but also their brand philosophy.
It is not by accident that these brands offer at least 10 years of guarantee on their products. Trusting on their products the sign for them and ensure your investment and your satisfaction.

We wish you a lot of pleasure on your next motorcycle trip.

Your Team MyMotoMarket