Terms and Conditions


these terms and conditions concern all orders placed on our Online Shop mymotomarket.com. we reserve au the right to change them at any time. in case of modifications the version valid at the order date will be applied.

MyMotoMarket (Syrys Trade Sàrl) sell goods to consumers at the below mentioned terms and conditions.by the validation of his order, each customer accepts legally our terms and conditions.

Right to rectract
the customer has the reight to retunr goods within a period of 7 working days. goods have to be returned non used and in their original packaging. the period of 7 delays starts at the day of the reception of goods. the customer is in charge of the shipping costs.
if goods have been returned within lhe legal period and under perfect ocnditions the customer. following his instructions will either be refunded of the paid amount or get a replacment delivery.
if at the reception of the return damages are noted oritems have to be cleaned we reserve us the right of a deduction matching the repair costs. or the cleaning costs

we deliver within the limits of the available inventory. our avagery delivery time is 5 working days.
in case of unavailable products the customer will be informed within 2 working days. the contract is finalized by our order confirmation or the shipping of goods.

the customer can choose following payment methods:

- Paypal
 Credit cardsMastercard and VISA
- Bank transfer to our Credit Suisse  Fribourg account 0517-1102759-22, IBAN. CH17 0483 5110 2759 2200 0, established on the name of Syrys Trade Sàrl, 1753 Matran. goods are shipped after reception of the payment. Goods remain our property until their full payment.without any payment receipt within 15 days ater the order date, orders will be cancelled.
We reserve us the right to refuse in certain cases some payment methods.

Prices mean net in EURO including 19% of VAT. we reserve us the right to change prices at any time.
The minimum order amount is € 100.00.

Our offer is valid for shipping inside the European Union..
Shipping costs:
End consumers EU- zone 1*
for orders with an order amount lessthan € 200.00 the shippings costs are € 12.00.
for orders overs € 200.00 shipping is free.
End consumers EU- zone 2*
for orders with an order amount lessthan € 250.00 the shippings costs are € 15.00.
for orders overs € 250.00 shipping is free.
End consumers EU- zone 3*
for orders with an order amount lessthan € 300.00 the shippings costs are € 19.00.
for orders overs € 300.00 shipping is free.
Shipping costs are mentioned on the basket and on the order confirmation.

*EU - zones:
Zone 1: Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg.
Zone 2: Denmark, Ireland, Italy, Croatia, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary.
Zone 3: Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Romania, Sweden, Cyprus.